aiProperty is in essence the decentralisation of property records and data that will be referred to in future as “Smart Property”.

aiProperty, is an innovative and exciting new Blockchain Project that will potentially allow the property and related industries to access and interact with a Property Database on a secure and Decentralised Blockchain Database without paying current exorbitant pricing charged from centralised data centres.

The retrieval of documents and titles of property are extremely more economical for people using Decentralised Blockchains rather than Centralised Data Centers that have expensive infrastructures to maintain and subsequently charge higher prices. Many developing countries have not established a good working system of tracking property titles and rights, and what they do have can be corruptible, fragile and incomplete. Blockchain will change all this!

Using its Ai Crawling Systems, AiProperty will also partner and collaborate with the real estate industry, to collectively build the most secure and largest database of property information in Australia and replicated in other countries.




aiProperty will pioneer the way in a global movement to utilise the latest in Blockchain Technology for the storage and retrieval of property records and to Decentralise Property information in an Owner-less Decentralised way.

Some services are very suitable to be placed on a Blockchain, whilst there are many that are not. Property records are just one of those projects that are very suited to Decentralisation as the service is essentially a Database.

Therefore, like other projects holding Data that are impersonal and do not break any privacy laws, you will be able to use and access this Owner-less and Distributed Database without fear and for pennies.

We believe that Property Data control should shift from costly, insecure and centrally controlled Data Centres to become available to every person at an economical rate where costs are negligible to attaining secure, useful and informative property information.
We believe that Property Titles Deeds should be safe and freely accessible information on a De-centralized Blockchain and we should have the ability to make a property exchange using an economical and secure Smart Contract Blockchain without the costly, heavy legal and administrative costs associated with old ineffective systems used globally today.


aiProperty runs using Hyper Ledger Blockchain Technology for speed and scalability. This blockchain offers industrial strength speed and scalability for heavy transaction throughput.

The Smart Contract Blockchain has green credentials, and has been built with compliance in mind ensuring the longevity of the system. Unlike the many inherent challenges of running a database on a Blockchain, the aiproperty Blockchain is set to be operating autonomously and securely Finally, a cost-effective property records solution that we can all share and enjoy.

aiProperty is a community based project and requires other participants to join the community. Joining our community will have benefits such as:

  • Near Instant Transaction Speeds (<3 seconds)
  • Green Low Power Transaction Verification
  • Scalable Globally
  • Compliance and Security.

aiProperty Project together with other complimentary assets can operate on its blockchain after passing stringent rules that determine whether the Token should be De-centralised on a Blockchain or suitable to be Tokenised.


  • Access Historical Property Data at a fraction of the cost
  • With Blockchain Technology, the costs are minimised to a fraction of current Data Centers.

  • You get paid when you update the property blockchain.
  • Adding data to the blockchain adds value to the blockchain which will earn you tokens.

  • Update Title, Deeds and Rights to Property on Blockchain.
  • Extremely more economical for people using decentralised blockchains.

  • Create your own front end Reports through the Blockchain API.
  • Realtors can offer custom sales reports about a property and enrich the user experience.

  • Exchange a property using a Smart Contract on the Blockchain.
  • Sell properties without lawyers as a smart contract without the need for any programming. An easy to use interface is key.